New Writer Advice – Metadata Keywords

I’ve seen many authors ask about what they should do with the seven keyword boxes that comes up during the publishing process. Dave at Kindlepreneur ran an experiment where he asked for several authors’ keywords lists, ran a search crawl, asked them to change them, then ran the search crawl again.

Here is his published results:


  • Singular or plural doesn’t matter
  • Don’t use commas since that will cut off anything past the comma from indexing
  • Only use quotes if you want the thing in quotes to be the exact thing someone has to type in
  • Don’t repeat words unless they make sense in a key phrase
  • You don’t get punished or rewarded for dupes, but they take up space
  • Words or phrases by themselves in the box have more weight – so if you have something that really describes your book, give it its own box
  • Every word and combination of words in each box will be indexed
  • However, Amazon will chuck combinations that make no sense (basically, ones that have never been used)
  • A keyword in the title or subtitle has more weight than the words in these boxes