C. Gold

Welcome to the home page of author C. Gold.

C. Gold is an avid World of Warcraft gamer and book reading addict. (She may or may not admit to having over two thousand books on her Kindle!) With a background in Electrical Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Math (just not the theoretical kind that involves proofs), you would guess correctly that she enjoyed school perhaps a bit too much.

Eventually, she was lured into software testing because breaking things was just too dang fun and satisfied her intense craving to find out ‘what happens if I do this?’. Word of advice – don’t ask that question in a game unless you are prepared to lose your current progress (casting a fireball under water was not a good idea!) or get locked into a cage with no inner door knob letting you back out!

After many years of torturing innocent software programs and games, she finally retired and turned her gaze to the hapless characters inhabiting her imagination. At long last, she has the time and energy to write down her stories of ‘what if?’ and put those idle characters through the wringer.