New Writer Advice – Publishing

I’ve listed several links that I’ve saved over the years. They might be useful.

KDP help for publishing – There are video tutorials and step by step instructions that should be able to guide you through the publishing process.

Draft2Digital – If you want to publish on multiple platforms, this is the easiest aggregate to use. It has a built in template formatting, so you can upload any Word doc and make it look pretty nice using D2D. The downside is you have to upload an Epub if you like your formatting over theirs.

US Copyright Office – Go here if you live in the US and want to copyright your book.

US Self Employment Tax – This is useful to look at if you decide to go from being a hobbyist to self employed.

ISBN User Manual – I recommend downloading the FAQ to answer most or all of your ISBN questions.

Metadata Keywords – When you are looking at those seven edit boxes for metadata keywords in KDP publish, what should you put in there?

Setting up Author Central (includes international) – You want to do this so you have an author page and biography. It makes it easier for readers to find your other books.

Bookow – Download cover templates, ISBN bar codes, and calculate cover size.

Epub Validator – Useful if you want to upload Epubs.

How to set up your self publishing company with Bowker – Many people don’t understand what an imprint is and they enter the wrong thing when buying ISBNs from Bowker. Read this first.