The Neverending Ellipsis

Sometimes forum posts go sideways into odd places. This super short is what happens when some people comment about an overabundance of ellipsis in some books and another person taunts them with writing a book filled with them just for kicks. I did one better and replied with a super short story. 🙂


I sometimes help other authors write blurbs. Those are the descriptions of the book that you see on the book’s product page. Well, when I don’t have enough information, I begin to make stuff up. After I wrote this one, I found it funny enough to write a short to go with it. I’ve posted both the blurb as I submitted it on a forum (har!) and the short story that I came up with.

The Meaning of Wind

This was written during a delicate rain storm. To clarify, out here in the Seattle area, the raindrops are anemic narrow streaks of almost nothing and usually there is no wind. That got me pining for a good rip roaring Midwest storm where you cower in fear of tornadoes and feel the true power of nature. I decided to visualize the wind using different sized fonts. The larger the word ‘wind’ is, the stronger the gust.

Midwest Mosquito Ambush (A Poem)

It seems I’m inspired by others’ posts. This one was from a person on Facebook who asked if mosquitoes were there to annoy. My answer was a most definite yes. On this short’s page, I explain why.

A Parting Tribute to Asheron’s Call

Since the servers shut down in 2017, I really wanted to make available The Cult of the Cow – a super short story that I created way back in 1999 (OMG, it’s been that long!!) I also added a bit about what it was like playing in the beta and how the story came to be developed. Nostalgic for anyone who played that game.