The Neverending Ellipsis

Dedicated to The Square Dot League and dingling – because sometimes forum posts get too wacky and demand wackiness in return! 🙂

The Neverending Ellipsis…

I… have always had a slow mind. But… in this instance… the mind worked slower than usual. For you see… I had an encounter… with an alien!

“TSDL!” it squeaked in a high voice… perhaps male… perhaps female… I couldn’t tell.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

It’s arms flailed… or were they signaling speech?

Another alien shimmered into view.

“Dingling!” He… she… it? had a voice that warbled like a… I want to say wind chime, but… that’s not quite right. I shrugged. It didn’t matter.

Each shot… a beam of color into my head. I felt… warm… tingly… strange.

It was over as soon as it begun. But suddenly, I began to think at lightning speeds. My halting pauses, so frustrating for others to cope with, were gone! I was normal! I went to thank the two beings, but they’d vanished back into the ether, or wherever they came from.

“Thank you, special aliens!” I waved in case they could still see me.

I couldn’t wait to go back to my friends. They’ll be so shocked and probably relieved to see the end of the neverending ellipsis.

The End.