Halloween Fun

Halloween costumes have become a lot cooler since I was a kid. Although, I do recall the full body cat costume my mom slaved away over with definite fondness, even if everyone in the neighborhood thought I was a bunny. I fixed that by swinging my tail around to prove it was a cat as part of my trick. The heavy wire inside gave it a good kick, too. 🙂

Here are some of my favorites on Amazon. Though, my mom did sew up a ST:TNG top for me, so I have that one covered!

Costumes For the Men

Costumes For the Women

Costumes For the Kids

Treats For Everyone

A funny thing happened the other week… I went to the dentist about a swelling under my jaw and the oral surgeon thought it could be an infected saliva gland. He suggested sucking on hard candy to ensure saliva was flowing to help with the swelling along with some antibiotics. I bet that hurt for a dentist-y type to recommend candy! I wound up with two very large five pound bags of Jolly Ranchers since I love those. But while I was browsing the Amazon store, I came across Zombie Guts. Cool, huh? Well, especially for kids.

Non-Candy Alternatives

Normally, I try to find non-candy alternatives to pass out for Halloween. Back when I handed out treats, I would buy out the store’s supply of stickers and pencils. Amazon has a few items for those of us addicted to door delivery.

Just Plain Cool

I also came across several huge stickers designed for going on windows. Not really something you want to hand out, but they could make for some really fun home decorating. Then I found this bad boy (below). The Amazon link on the left doesn’t do it justice so I added one of the images so you can see the full effect. Now that is one awesome Halloween decoration. I hope your Halloween is a fun one no matter what you choose to do!