So… Bomb Cyclones? Really?

Happy post-New Year’s!

I hope your holidays were enjoyable. I watched the New Year’s fireworks at the Space Needle from the comfort of my nice warm home! I love internet streaming!

I must say though, it’s certainly warmer here than the East Coast when they got hit with a bomb cyclone. Apparently these happen when the barometric pressure drops at least 24 mbar in 24 hours. The more air that’s sucked into the vortex, the lower the pressure and the bigger the storm.

Queue up vivid memories of The Day After Tomorrow which gave some science-y sounding explanation about super storms sucking down super cold air too fast for it to heat up which basically meant the cyclone was freezing you into a solid fleshsickle.

I read another article that said these are also called winter hurricanes which again conjured up images of The Day After Tomorrow. I think I’m going to have to watch it again soon. Save as many as you can! All I can say is stay safe East Coast! (I’ve included the link to the Amazon DVD in case you haven’t seen it yet, plus it’s a convenient way to post the picture.)

In other news:

I’m making slow but steady progress on Book 2 in the Darklight Universe series. I also stole time away from writing to plot out the ideas for the next three books plus their tentative titles. Now I just have to get all those words written down! Here’s a tease of chapter 4:

The bickering nobles sounded like a pack of dire cats fighting over a kill.

As you might guess, things aren’t going as planned, though when do they ever? It would make for a boring book if they all lived happily ever after with no scuffles!

That’s all I have for now. So stay safe, warm, and don’t drive in the frozen rain! You know the storms are bad when the weather people are naming them!