The Meaning of Wind

Imagine yourself in the middle of a severe storm. Dark, nasty clouds dropping hail, big fat drops of rain that go smack on the pavement, and huge gusts of wind. You sit down on the back porch to watch in
fear and awe at nature’s display and you decide to record the wind strength and frequency as you write a story about what you see. It might go something like this…

The WIND WIND wind blows a chair over in the back yard while I sit safely ensconced in the WIND wind less windy porch. I love to watch WIND WIND storms, and this one is a WIND WIND WIND doozie. It had been forecast as a major WIND storm cell, it had WIND warnings, and flood warnings. WIND WIND WIND. The air WIND whips my hair around my chair. I can’t see WIND and I don’t WIND care. But what I stare at now WIND WIND WIND WIND causes alarm. A funnel is descending WIND WIND WIND WIND near WIND my WIND backyard. WIND WIND. Should I WIND stay WIND or WIND go? WIND WIND WIND. I am WIND paralyzed with my WIND decision. The WIND storm makes WIND up my WIND mind for me WIND WIND WIND WIND when WIND WIND it WIND WIND approaches. WIND WIND WIND WIND WIND. The WIND better WIND part WIND of WIND valor WIND is WIND WIND to WIND WIND flee.


My house is gone.

My neighborhood is broken and scattered across the lawn.

The air is calm and still.

A predator waiting out its next kill.