Past Hugo Nominations

When I’m trying to find a new book to read, sometimes it pays to look through award winners. I mean, if other people enjoyed them enough to get them nominated for something like a Hugo, surely they’re worth reading, right?

I’ve been paying the entry fee for a few years now in order to get a massive pile of traditionally published books that people in this group thought were good. I don’t always agree, but it sure gives me plenty to read during the spring.

If you’re interested in becoming a participant, go to The Hugo Awards and find the upcoming Worldcon in the right hand panel. Follow that link to find out how to become a member. In order to nominate works for the Hugo, you need to be a current or previous year Worldcon member by Jan 31. If you want to vote on the final ballot (and get the packet of materials which makes this worthwhile), you need to become a current Worldcon member. A supporting membership costs around $50 and gives you access to the content packet of finalists which is quite a lot of material to get through before voting time.

Below, I’ve listed out the years where I’ve participated along with my comments on the works I was able to get to.

2020 (still working on this one)