Summoner — The Revamped Edition

Thanks to you and everyone else who purchased my book (if you didn’t, what are you waiting for?!) and made my series such a success. I’m going to the next level of cover design and investing TONS to present the best of the best of the best. This is award winning stuff right here! And you get to see it first!

Gaze lovingly, maybe even jealously and other adverbs relating to envy and awe, at my new, most awesomest cover ever designed. You really feel the emotion as Amira is happily saving Radcliff’s butt, yet again, while inwardly fuming at losing her sword back in that cave. This is supposed to be a SWORD & sorcery story for goodness sake, yet here she is with a STAFF and others have SPEARS so where are the freaking SWORDS? Ahem. Anyway, You will now find this in the Staff & Sorcery section of the bookstore or maybe the SPEAR & STAFF & sorcery section. It is no longer in the SWORD & sorcery section because that is confusing due to lack of SWORDS.

So here it is, in all of its majestic glory:

The Summoner & Seer (one less ‘the’ for way more awesomeness)

She lost her sword (but how ’bout that killer staff?), he lost his mind. Now, both have to figure something out before zombies disguised as aliens disguised as abominations (because this is not Earth and they don’t know about zombies or aliens) eat their faces and nom on their peoples. Darkness is Coming!

(Note: Not to be confused with Winter is Coming. Winter is NOT coming, at least not in the Northern Hemisphere where Spring has Sprung (and how about that wintry weather right after the first day of spring?)


Happy April Fool’s Day and Easter!