Cover Designers

Updated: 8/2/2019 – double checked all links are valid and added Phillip Simpson (illustrator)

Jeff Brown

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eBook Covers: $1000 (custom illustrated)
eBook + Print: $1200
eBook + Print + 3x wide illustration: $1400
Illustrations: $500 – $2500 depending on complexity,206443.0.html


$450 for the cover illustration
$150 extra for the wrap-around cover
$100 extra for typography,258060.0.html


Custom eBook Cover Design: $349
eBook + Print Cover Design: $498,184199.0.html

Alberto Besi

$500 for a front cover.
$150 extra for typography / graphic design
$200 extra for wraparound cover,250549.0.html

Dagmara Matuszak

Character with minimal background: $250
Character(s) with detailed background: $450 – $550 (depending on complexity)
Typography: $120
Additional PayPal fee ($5-$10) if applicable.
I can also work within a set budget.,259659.0.html

Gergo Posai

$350 – $800 front cover
$200 wrap around cover,  typography plus pre-print preparation
$170 book trailers (animation)
Science fiction, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror,222246.0.html

Phillip Simpson

Custom illustrations: $350 – $500 (including typography)

Tom Edwards

Premade: $300, $400, $500
Custom: Variable,215921.0.html

Cover Quill

Custom cover: $325
Premade ebook and paperback: $149
Premade ebook: $99,230804.0.html


Custom eBook: $290 – $370
Additional Print Design: $50
Premades: $75+ (These look really good!),220466.0.html


Premades starting at $79
Custom ebook covers: $399
Custom ebook and print cover package: $449,239396.0.html

Melody Knighton

Figures (human or mythological): $150 each
Animals (livestock or pets): $50 each
Backgrounds: $50, $125, $175 (depending on complexity)
Typography: $50
Wraparound: $75
Children’s Books: $50 – $300 (depending on complexity),310613.0.html

Ebook Cover Designs

Custom eBook Covers: $199
Custom Print & eBook Cover Design: $299
Box Set Design: $349
Audiobook: eBook + $35
Banner: $50
Logo Design: Starting at $200
Children’s illustrations (prices vary),299983.0.html

Vivid Covers by Liquidenvy

Ebook: $199
Custom print & Ebook: $249
Illustrated Cover: $299
Premades: $45 – 150

50% deposit required,239149.0.html

Louis Vaney

Custom Illustration: $100
Custom eBook Cover Design: $180
Custom Paperback Cover: $250
Audio Book Conversion: $40,311459.0.html

BZN Studio

Premade Cover: $75+
Custom Cover: $150
Premium Cover: $225
Paperback Upgrade: $50
Logo Design: $150
Marketing Graphics: $25 each
Fantasy Mapmaking: $175 Continental, $225 City,247283.0.html

Covers by Christian

Ebook Package: $175
Print Package: $200
Audiobook Package: $300

Berka Book Design by Amber
(Website looks down so I added her FB)

Custom Ebook Cover: $125
Premade Ebook Cover: $75 flat rate,258597.0.html

SN Graves Book Cover Designs

$50 – single stock image (can go as low as $20 for a symbol only cover)
$100 – simple illustration, single background
$150 – $300 – photo manipulation + Illustration
$200 – $500 or higher – full illustration
$20 for Simple Text + Simple Background + Simple Symbol (flat graphic)
$50 for Simple Text + Simple Background + Simple Graphic (detailed or 3D),197578.0.html!coverart/c1orx

Steve Richer

Premades: $45 – $150
Custom: $350 (includes eBook, paperback wraparound, and audiobook)
Discounts available for series
All genres except UF and Fantasy,263388.0.html

Erik J Andersen

Bronze: $150 (currently $120)
Silver: $200 (currently $160)
Gold: $250 (currently $200)

These are for premades only. You’ll need to check with Erik’s availability if you want custom.,264730.0.html

Cormar Covers

Premades: $55
Standard: $105
Essential: $165
Deluxe: $225
Supreme: $275
Paperback Spine + Back Cover: $50
15% series discount
Misc: Typography ($45), Audiobook ($50), Banner ($10), Logo ($100),156881.0.html

(I loved David, he did a couple of covers for me, but he seems to have vanished)

Standard $100 (1 free stock photo, 1 free revision)
Popular: $180 (2 free stock photos, 3 free revisions)
Elite: $260 (unlimited free stock photos, unlimited revisions),250533.0.html


EBook Cover Design: $100
EBook + Print: $150
Illustrated eBook + Print: $300,263465.0.html

MV Covers
(Website link doesn’t work)

Premades: $45
Custom: $80+,245129.0.html

Virginia McClane Designs

$50 pre-made or quickie custom (0 revisions)
$100 custom eBook cover with full revisions
$250 custom print and ebook cover design with full revisions
Formatting is also available ($75 eBook, $150 Print only, $195 Both),236747.0.html


Bayou Cover Designs

Custom ebook covers:
Single Cover $65
Series covers (order of 2 or more in series) $60 each
Paperback version (add-on) $35 per cover
Audiobook version (add-on) $25 per cover
Box Set (add-on) $22
Banner (add-on) $12,215512.0.html

Cosmic Letterz

EBook covers: $90 thereabouts
Paperbacks are $25 addon
Teasers are $20 each
Banners are $25 each,252566.0.html

Great Paranormal Romance, UF, Romance, Cozy,133652.0.htm,307319.0.html (NEW!)

Gay / Sci-fi / YA / Romance/Thrillers ($85 package custom design!!),255877.0.html

YA Book Covers and Illustrations,59559.0.html

Premades only,210041.0.html,238559.0.html,260191.0.html (300+ for military sci fi only),262767.0.html (also does custom),308251.0.html (low price, looks good, also does custom),223665.0.html (Shayne Rutherford, also does custom just can’t see the pics without pwd)

Great work but no idea of price (cause DeviantArt UI sucks),219389.0.html

Great Urban Fantasy but no idea of price (from an author on kboards)

Great Fantasy, had a sale 3 covers for 1000. Does Michael Manning’s covers

Maps,261479.0.html,264904.0.html (available in summer only)

Illustrations & Artwork,234014.0.html,260288.0.html,59559.0.html (looks like typography also done, kids stuff),207668.0.html,311983.0.html


Over 30k covers premade covers:

Original version of this can still be found at: