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Book Funnel – Fantasy & SciFi Book Giveaway – Good through March

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The power of love inside of a dungeon?

Elmer Robbins was turned into a Dungeon Core after an untimely death back on Earth, and he had a heck of time learning how to survive in the new, strange world of Bershia. However, by adopting “Holidays” as a theme and creating the first few rooms of his dungeon focused on Christmas, he learned how to protect his Core from being destroyed by Adventurers.

While Elmer was steadily increasing his Core Level – the eventual goal of which was to break down the barrier in his Core separating him from the soul of his wife, Mary – there is trouble brewing in his dungeon. When a high-Level group of Adventurers arrive and obliterate all of his Christmas-based defenses, they leave with a warning for the dungeon to make their next visit in 30 days more interesting.

Having decorated for many of the major holidays back on Earth, Elmer knows exactly what his new – and hopefully interesting – dungeon section needs to be: St. Valentine’s Day. Now, all he needs to do is figure out how to translate a holiday based on love and friendship into defenses designed to kill Adventurers….