Let Not the Paperback Go Unchanged!

Last month I displayed the new cover for the eBook. As the days passed, the paperback cover began pleading with me to fancy it up as well. So I finally caved and began working on the full wraparound version. What’s that look like? Well, here goes:

Dang, doesn’t that look sexy! I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. Now I just have to iron out a few more nits and it will be available for purchase.

This might not mean anything to you unless you are also an indie publisher, but recently Amazon took the final step to migrate all books on CreateSpace (CS) to Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Ah CS, how I already miss thee. The migration was easy enough but I ran into problems when I went to update the cover and interior on KDP.

Interestingly enough, the cover template used for CS is the same one KDP gives you, yet their book is a teensy tiny bit smaller which means I had to move the back text in a bit to keep it from being lopped off. I got a proof copy (a physical copy of the book before it gets published) and stacked it on top of the older CS copy and you can see the slight shrinkage in both height and width, though the spine seems the same. Same parent company, same POD printer hardware (or so I thought), slightly different size. Hmm…. Easy enough to fix, but I was definitely surprised by this.

I expected issues with the interior manuscript. The original reason I published the paperback using CS was because, back in November, 2017, I started getting an error when uploading the manuscript. CS happily accepted it, but KDP spit it back out with a generic error that was completely unhelpful. Being the impatient, excited newbie author that I was, I avoided the issue by going with CS. Well, now that avoidance is biting me in the butt! There’s probably a life lesson here about trying to use shortcuts. Oh well. Now I have to dig in and discover the means to fix this (meaning beg KDP people to look into it!) so I can finally have the updated book for everyone to repurchase because it’s just that awesome! (Kidding. No, really. But if you want to buy a second version, I won’t stop you!)

And there’s a fun glimpse into the trenches of indie publishing. I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂