My Book Recommendations

I sometimes discover authors in strange places. I found Shauna E. Black’s book from a Facebook page of fellow authors. I’ve never read anything from her before, but the sample pages were intriguing and of high enough quality to encourage me to buy the book. I’m glad I did. This fantasy world is nicely fleshed and filled with god and goddess given magic and intrigue. Though the individual stories are shorter than normal, this book bundles them all together into a single whole which makes me quite grateful since I hate cliffhangers.

I fell in love with Lindsay Buroker when I read her The Emperor’s Edge series.  So when she released a new fantasy book, I purchased it sight unseen – that’s how much I enjoy her writing.

I’ll add more later when I finish reading it. In the meantime, you might want to check out her work.


I don’t always read fantasy. I discovered this book in an author forum when discussing genre. While it’s listed as romance, I’d call it a cross between literary fiction and romance. The entire first part of the book is devoted to the heroine dealing with the severe attack she survived, her loss of mobility, and the loss of her carefree existence. She also struggles with why this happened to her and the ways she could have avoided it. It’s a very real-feeling piece of writing that goes deeper than normal teen romance. The hero has his own loss and sense of guilt to deal with as well. Eventually, in part 2, they meet, when she goes back to school and he switches schools to avoid the people who know what his father did.

There’s bullying, confusion of the heart vs the mind, and general teen awkwardness with the whole romance thing. But because both protagonists have gone through bad stuff, they are more mature than your average teen and this tends to read more like adult fiction than YA. I enjoyed it and found this story to be a refreshing change from the more fluffy romances, while still having a happy ending unlike a lot of literary fiction which seems to ‘require’ heartbreak at the end.