Spring arrived with a couple of nice sunny almost 70 degree days. Naturally, this being Seattle, those days turned to clouds as soon as I saw a news report that we might possibly see some Northern Lights activity.

This would have been cool:

Northern Lights as NOT seen in Seattle

Instead we got this:

Typical cloudy day in the Seattle area

I finally had my fake tooth post insertion appointment – postponed from when we had a foot of snow in the neighborhood. Arrayed before me on a large tray were the cutest tiny tools. They reminded me of my days of playing around with the Dremel, only in miniature. After surviving the piercing agony of shots to numb the gum, the drilling began. Then came putting in the post. This revealed the cutest tool of all:

It’s a tooth-sized combination ratchet and torque wrench. My fake tooth post got ratcheted in like a mini sparkplug! It was the oddest thing. Even weirder, you can buy the tool on Amazon! I always said you could buy everything there, but I wasn’t really expecting to find it when I did a search. Surprise! You can click on the image if you really want to check it out.

Finally, we get to the aftermath of Snowmageddon.

The big front rhododendron became a leaning tower of shrub. I talked about this in the last blog, but here you can see just how far forward it pulled out of the ground. Our vine maple didn’t fare much better. The front trunk snapped off at the base and the other trunks weren’t in good shape. One had a split and was using the roof as a crutch.

The tree removal people came by early and chopped through the tree like it was butter. With a five man crew, they were here maybe fifteen to twenty minutes! We were sad to see the tree and bush go, but replacements have been ordered and will be planted this week. The front yard looks so bare right now with them gone:

I hope your spring has been less about tooth drilling and tree removal and more about sunshine and things sprouting. And if you are in the Midwest dealing with the flooding, I hope you stay safe and dry.

Here’s to hoping spring has no more nasty surprises in store!